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Enable digital transformation in your business.

We apply the power of the cloud to bring your existing systems, data and processes together quickly and easily.


Disparate IT Systems

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viisConnect is built on the premise that organisations want to maximise the value of their existing IT systems, rather than replace them.

viisConnect adds value to the investment already made in “best of breed” applications by interfacing with them and having them work in a complementary, seamless manner.

viisConnect integrates business systems to provide a single version of the truth.


Manual Processes & Spreadsheets

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Manual systems and processes are automated. Additional functionality can be incorporated if required from our vast Library of Plugins and Apps.

Systems and reporting being managed in an ad-hoc manner using spreadsheets or in Sharepoint are transitioned into viisConnect, removing risk and maximising value.

Client specific IP is also embedded, standardising systems and processes in an online, enterprise strength, management system.


Existing & Legacy IT Systems

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Critical business functions are often managed by legacy ERP systems, however making changes to these systems is usually very expensive and is often put off, the end result being that key functionality is often missing.

viisConnect can provide this missing functionality in a highly cost effective solution, enhancing the value of legacy systems and extending their usefulness.

Choose from the iViis library of Plugins and Apps or have a bespoke function configured to your requirements.

Our preconfigured solutions provide a great starting point for digitally transforming your business.

iViis solutions ensure you get a “single version of the truth” by ensuring your information resides where it belongs. Modules or Apps within each solution can be seamlessly linked to all others creating a “Community” or ecosystem of your information in the cloud.

Improve your compliance with the complexity of ensuring your people are safe at work.

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Do you have up to date health and safety information in one place?

Is it easily accessible and reviewable by workers and officers?

Do managers have the tools to pro-actively improve safety?

Do you rely on spreadsheets to collate data from different sources?

Contact us to see how we can help you get your people home safely each night.

Manage extremely complex situations involving a large number of partners, transactions and unplanned events.

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Do you have a very complex situation that needs to combine the elements of disaster recovery in one place?

Do your claims systems not talk to your CRM and policy systems?

Is there a disconnect between the insurer, loss adjuster, repairer and client?

Do you want to have a more transparent relationship with your clients?

Do you want your loss adjusters and repairers to have better access to the most accurate information?

Contact us to see how we can help you manage unforeseen complex events and relationships and configure a system to your exact needs.

Bring all of your people information together in a clear “single version of the truth”.

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Is most of your organisational people data held in multiple silos, ‘function specific’ HR systems and some of your finance or procurement systems?

Do you recognise the analytic insight potential of your data but are hampered by data access and quality issues?

Is your data inconsistently formatted across systems and constantly changing?

As a last resort, do you maintain the HR data you need in your own set of spreadsheets?

Contact us now to see how we can help you manage your people more efficiently and cost effectively.

Manage the whole building process from sales through preconstruction, construction, variations, and warranty all in one cloud based system.

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Is your company building more than 100 houses per year?

Are you a franchised group home builder?

Are you looking to improve profitability while increasing efficiency and build capacity?

Are spreadsheets being used to manage job related activities?

Do you have systems and processes that need to be managed across the group?

Are your current applications affecting competitiveness and/or restricting growth?

Contact us to see how we can help you manage your building company and more importantly protect your margins.


Take a holistic approach to facilities management by combining all facets of business operation at remote sites in one place.

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Is information relating to branches currently held in multiple applications and locations?

Do you use spreadsheets to collate information related to branches?

Can you measure and compare branch performance easily?

Do you need to report at branch, regional and/or national level?

Can your branches operate autonomously around company policies and processes?

Contact us to see how we can help you lower costs and improve efficiencies and gain full knowledge of operations at your different facilities.

Bring together your internal disparate systems as well as enabling full collaboration with all of your supply chain partners independent of what systems they use.

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Does your ERP system let you down by not letting you share supply chain information with your partners?

Do you want some extra supply chain functionality that your current systems cannot provide?

Have you extended your supply chain and now have disparate inventory in multiple systems?

Do you end up managing your supply chain using spreadsheets?

Do you have customers around the world who cannot easily find the status of their orders with you?

Are you spending large amounts of money collaborating with your business partners along the supply chain?

Contact us to see how we can help you significantly improve the operation of your supply chain through improved performance, reduced costs and transparent collaboration with all partners no matter where they are in the world.

iViis Customers

NSW Sugar

“From the outset, it became evident that the iViis team were highly professional, with a detailed understanding of their subject matter and their product”

Horizon Oil

"It’s become a core system for our business – it was originally intended to be primarily about logistics but we are now using it for much more, such as tracking inventory costs. We are going to do asset management in it next. It provides us with a good platform for growth."


“...iViis are able to say to you, ‘just leave the systems as they are and we will extract the information that we need out of those different systems’.”


“The need of the hour was an application that could connect existing legacy systems without major disruption to business-as-usual, that could be scaled to match growth requirements and that would embed industry best practices into the entire ecosystem”

The iViis team understand complex businesses, disparate systems and the value of accurate and timely critical information.
iViis has 10 years experience helping people in organisations like yours sleep easy at night.

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