4 reasons your Supply Chain is getting stretched to breaking point

4 reasons your Supply Chain is getting stretched to breaking point

You know that as your business grows and sources globally, the supply side is stretched. More suppliers, more locations, more third party partners, more compliance, faster delivery expectations and more steps in the Supply Chain all combine to produce problems in getting the products when you need them and in the expected condition.

You have your own systems in place to manage the placement of purchase orders, but:

  • Do they handle the steps that involve other partners in your supply chain?
  • Do you have all of the information about the orders in one place?
  • Can you manage complex orders that rely on multiple audit points before the product is despatched? Items such as specification confirmation, sizing, colours, and final product quality all need to be confirmed within the manufacturing process before the products are despatched.
  • Do you have third party partners providing services within your manufacturing and procurement processes? All of your partners will have different systems, some will provide point to point access to their data, but that means going into multiple systems to find out everything about your order.

Like most businesses you probably resort to emails and spreadsheets to handle all of the difficult bits of your supply chain? According to a PWC paper the probability of errors in any spreadsheet with more than 200 line items approaches 100%. So even if you are bringing together the disparate information components to your order in a spreadsheet then there is a chance that the details coming out of that spreadsheet will be wrong in some respect.

Imagine being able to get rid of those spreadsheets.

Imagine if you could have a single online site where you can get all of the information about your orders, no matter where the information comes from.

Imagine all of the communications backwards and forward to all parties via emails associated with that order being held in context to it.

Imagine recording phone conversations, meeting and notes in context to the order.

Imagine the quality documents, the legal documents, the shipping documents, costing documents available in context to the order.

Imagine photographs of “As Builts” and the steps along the supply chain being held in one place in context to your order.

Well, you don’t need to imagine any longer! And you can create a competitive advantage for your business.

The viisConnect solution from iViis lets you set your spreadsheets free and collaborate with all your supply chain partners in a secure cloud based system that provides a single version of the truth about the events along your supply chain. This means faster decisions, more time for procurement staff to manage and not collect information and improved DIFOT on your supply side.

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