A custom solution to ensure data integrity

A custom solution to ensure data integrity

One of the major services we offer at iViis is data integration with existing systems. And what we’ve learned is that you often need to tailor your data first so that it will fit. We’ve eliminated this issue with our Visibility Exchange Utility (VEU)– a solution that’s designed to interface with any system, so that we can sync data from your system regularly and automatically.

You might have a system that stores data differently from the way you want it. You might be aware of problems with the data in your system, but you’re not sure how to go about resolving them. This could be because data is stored in multiple locations, making it hard to reach. Or it could have been entered inconsistently, causing errors and impacting on its integrity.

We’ve frequently set up advanced loading systems, where your data is loaded mostly as-is into a staging table, separate from your business logic. We can then perform any complexity of data validation required, joining records together and separating them out, moving the data into the right places to enable your business logic.

Not only that, but we have the ability to automatically detect data problems. When we find them, we can alert you that there’s a problem, and we can iron them out during the integration process. As soon as the data is fixed and reloaded, we can automatically detect that the issues are resolved.

We have real flexibility in the way we handle problems with your data. Often when a business is looking for an integration solution, it’s because they want better control of their data. What we can do is ferret out data that’s bad, and keep it, but not load it until it’s been fixed. Then, next time a load is run, the process will either automatically detect that the issue has been resolved, or there’s an option that requires manual intervention – an actual human eye on the data.

Companies often don’t have control over the way they get data out of their systems, but it’s vitally important when transitioning to a new system that none of that data is lost. We help ensure that everything that needs to be retained is, using this incredibly flexible and powerful import system at our end. If you can give us access to the data, we can make sure it gets into our system in a seamless way, making sure that any data integrity issues are detected and eliminated.

So if you’ve been thinking about your business data, and concluded that it’s:

  • Hard to reach in the system
  • Inconsistent
  • Inaccurate
  • Stored in multiple locations

Then we can help. Talk to us about how we can ensure seamless integration of your data and improvement of its integrity at the same time.

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