Exceeding expectations the goal for project management – 3 keys to achieving it

Exceeding expectations the goal for project management – 3 keys to achieving it

The decision to work with a partner in any kind of project that impacts your business systems is something most business owners and managers don’t take lightly. It’s understandable, especially when that project is likely to cause disruption to staff and business continuity.

That’s why it’s essential the management of the project is undertaken by experienced people who understand not only the goals and objectives of the project, but the importance of time frames, resources, budget and communication.

Getting each phase of the project completed on time, within budget, and to the specifications shouldn’t be viewed as the best outcome. This, at the very least, is a minimum requirement. Really successful project delivery comes when the people driving the project are committed to exceeding expectations, not just meeting them.

  1. Stakeholder buy-in

    Key to success is having key stakeholder buy-in from the very beginning. It’s essential that the right people are on board at the start, and that this collaboration involves agreement on scope of work, time frames, resources, budget and outcomes. The plan that’s devised from the start should have input from the right people in your business as well as your SaaS partners, and their goal needs to include transparency and clear communications from day one.
  2. Identifying potential obstacles
The goal for most project managers is to make the project run on time and within budget. However truly successful project managers have a higher expectation, and that means looking at all the possible barriers that could be thrown up to block progress, and having plans in place in advance to mitigate them. It’s no good trying to come up with a contingency on the spot; they need to have been imagined in the planning stage with a path around those barriers already mapped out.
  3. Building personal connection
Real project delivery success is achieved when the partner you’ve chosen to work with gets personally involved in our business process and rules – so much so that by the time the project’s over, they could comfortably work in your organisation on a full-time basis. Because they’ve asked the right questions at the start, and done their due diligence to learn as much about your business as possible, they’ll feel a personal connection and subsequently, pride in the project and what they’re doing to complete it successfully.
  4. In other words, project management doesn’t have to be constantly stressful and disruptive; at iViis we firmly believe that a successful project is one that’s been enjoyable to work on as well as delivering great outcomes, with no unnecessary surprises along the way.

    We specialise in implementing agile, scalable SaaS solutions, and a big part of that is the commitment we have to project delivery. We work with you, making sure we have the right stakeholders, that we’ve asked the right questions, and we are committed to building working relationships. That, to us, is critical to project delivery success. We don’t just meet expectations, we aim to exceed them.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about our approach to project delivery and the SaaS solutions you’re considering, we’d love to chat with you about it.

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