Finding and managing the needles in your document haystack

Finding and managing the needles in your document haystack

Many businesses, particular those in sectors like insurance or construction, drive their business with electronic documents; from contracts and plans to financial and customer data. Being able to manage these documents efficiently and safely is key for any sizeable organisation.

That’s because we all know what it’s like trying to keep up with who’s doing what with any given document. And we understand the impact of sending the wrong version to a customer, simply because there was no way to control or manage the document versions. This is what happens when businesses store documents in different places, with different levels of access and no communication around which version is the latest, and who’s working on it. With a proper document management and version control system, there’s a single source for all documents which allows categorising, management, easy access and the ability to search effectively.

viisConnect’s has a document management feature that allows your business documents to not only be centrally stored, but you have control over which versions are being worked on and who has access to them. You can make sure you’ve got the right version to send out, determine which is the latest version, and see what’s changed. You also have the ability to define access; for example, some users may be able to modify a particular document, while others can only view it. Access to any documents can be defined in any way, so you can tailor it to your needs.

There’s also a function that means a document can’t be modified while someone is working on it – unless the person who wants to modify it has a higher level of access and can unlock it. It’s all about deciding who gets to do what with any given document, and setting those access levels accordingly.

While it’s important to know which version of a document is going out to your customers, it’s also handy to be able to find documents swiftly. The search function in viisConnect means you’ll save time when searching, and you can be sure that the document you’ve found as a result of your search is the right one. It’s also handy for:

  • Auditing – there’s a function that can populate review and expiry dates, sending out notifications when a document needs to be reviewed or is about to expire.
  • Eliminating inconsistencies – if someone’s working on a document that’s just saved on their computer, and someone else is doing the same, those documents will become different. Document management means that everyone knows which is the latest and who worked on it last.
  • OneDrive integration – viisConnect’s document management system has the capability to integrate with Microsoft OneDrive, so documents can be edited offline and then updated in the cloud.

Imagine how much time can be saved by using a centralised document management system that has effective version control. Not only that, it reduces errors and inconsistencies, and allows your business to define access levels for various employees, giving you greater control and streamlining your workflows.

Talk to us to find out more about how document management and version control could benefit your business.

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