Harness the power of Outlook by integrating with iViis cloud solutions

Harness the power of Outlook by integrating with iViis cloud solutions

Microsoft’s Outlook is an application that’s used by almost everyone. It’s a go-to email solution for many businesses, and its array of features helps keep our personal and working lives on track. That’s why iViis views it as essential that Outlook can be integrated into our cloud solutions – because that’s what we do. We help you leverage your existing IT investment to move faster, respond to change and cope with disruption.

We can integrate Outlook with all of our current solutions. For example, calendar entries can be created in Outlook that synchronise with an event you’ve set up in ViisPeople. You can also email the ViisPeople from Outlook, and it’ll create processes for certain functions. The system will also remember what addresses have been set up for certain lists, so that the iViis cloud solution you’re currently using will automate emails to the right people, and forward them to the system itself.
Outlook integration is about automating processes. Instead of having to take time out to schedule meetings and appointments, it can be done automatically, which is a big time saver. It takes a lot of the manual lifting out of your business processes. When you combine the power of Outlook with the capabilities of iViis solutions, streamlining those processes is inevitable, and you and your employees will get things done a great deal faster.

For instance, someone in your company gets an email from a supplier that needs to be forwarded to a specific user group. This would be a manual process, but with Outlook integration, the system would allow that user to automatically send it on to the people who need to see it.

Although the concept of integrating Outlook with iViis solutions is a very new one, and now that we’ve overcome the inevitable challenges with security, we see potential for it to benefit other areas. For example, it could also be tied in with OneDrive as well as iViis in the cloud, providing even more functionality around scheduling and automation. In fact, it has the potential to be a gateway into most other Microsoft applications. It’s worth noting that because this concept is so new for iViis, it really only works with Outlook 2013 and above.

To find out more, get in touch with us. We’d love to chat with you about how our cloud solutions and ability to integrate Outlook can streamline your business processes.

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