Ditch complex, manual onboarding processes

Ditch complex, manual onboarding processes

Onboarding new staff well is key. According to this article by the US Society for Human Resource Management – 69% of staff will stay for longer than three years having experienced good onboarding; having a structured onboarding makes 58% of employees more likely to last; and firms with standard onboarding get 50% higher productivity from new employees.

If you’ve been using a manual, paper-based process to onboard new staff, you’re probably thinking of ways to update and streamline the process. New employees usually fill out a form – sometimes several – which then have to be copied, scanned and sent to the right people in your business. All too often, forms can be misplaced, sent to the wrong person, or handwriting issues cause errors.

Not only that, but it’s time consuming. Not just for the new employee, but for HR staff who then have to enter all that information into an HR system. Different businesses also have varied requirements, which means that a standardised onboarding solution won’t take into account those specific, individual needs.

When an iViis customer asked for a solution that would speed up and automate the process, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency, the new onboarding module was what we came up with.

We took all their pieces of paper and instead created a system where new employees and HR staff are able to easily complete the onboarding process, including onboarding checklists, online. The solution can be customised for any business, so that while the standard information is required – such as name, address, bank account number etc – it can be updated to include anything else that a business’s HR section might require.

The onboarding module is available with all iViis solutions, but we can customise and tailor it for any business’s onboarding program. Once in place, it’s a very simple process for any new employee. When they accept their new position, they’re simply emailed a link, and they complete the onboarding process online. The information is then disseminated to whomever needs it; emails are sent to designated HR staff with the details they need.

Since developing the onboarding program for that initial customer, we’ve produced versions of it for other iViis clients. The great thing is it can be customised and tailored for your specific HR needs. And you don’t need to be a current iViis customer; if you’re not using one of our other solutions, the onboarding module can still be set up for your business without them. However, if you are currently using one of our software solutions, chances are we will have most of the information we need to create an onboarding solution for you. In other words, it can be done with relatively little time and effort on your part.

There’s a further business benefit that occurs as a result of the instant transfer of information between various departments and systems. Once the new employee clicks ‘Submit’, your HR system is immediately updated, including the information that needs to go to external vendors. There’s no more waiting around for forms to go through an internal mail system, scanned and emailed, and data entry.

This technology behind the onboarding program eliminates the manual, time-consuming, paper-based approach to onboarding employees. It ensures greater accuracy, and it also removes the risk of forms being lost or information sent to the wrong person. The solution contains alerts if something needs to be updated or followed up, and HR staff have greater visibility over the process and the data.

If you’d like to find out more about how iViis’s onboarding solution works and how it can be implemented in your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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