Streamlined, efficient approach to performance appraisals

Streamlined, efficient approach to performance appraisals

In our last blog, we outlined how we’d developed a customised onboarding solution for an iViis client. The objective was to speed up and automate the process, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency.

The same client asked us to look at their performance appraisals process, to see if that could be similarly streamlined. Like the new onboarding module, we took their manual paper-based process and developed a new solution that provided the same benefits: speed, accuracy, tracking and visibility.

No matter how frequently (or otherwise) a company conducts performance appraisals, the process is almost never looked forward to with enthusiasm by those who must administer it. It’s time-consuming and often frustrating, especially when there are several people involved who all have to sign off at different stages of the process. Often it’s difficult to tell where the process is up to, or out of those involved, who needs to be looking at it next.

Where the onboarding module provided the greatest benefits to HR staff, the new performance appraisals process has been a major time saver for our client’s management team. Rather than using a manual, paper-based system to facilitate performance appraisals, an online version means they can monitor and track the appraisals process via dashboards. It’s much faster, and easier to use. It also means that it’s easier to track, and that information is disseminated to the right people. There’s a reduced risk of files getting lost or winding up on the wrong desk.

The other big benefit came during the moderation process. Moderating the appraisals electronically in bulk was much faster than reviewing paper-based forms. With the electronic data we could also add charts for them making it a visually engaging and easy process to moderate hundreds of appraisals together at a time.

The online dashboards mean that managers can reflect on, and share with colleagues, the evidence for, and basis of, ratings awarded. And it can be done instantaneously; the dashboards are updated in real-time which means no waiting for a paper form to arrive on a desk, or even an email that needs to be written and then sent.

The dashboards also provide support and guidance to appraisers in making assessments, in that they facilitate the sharing of best practice. They ensure that the performance appraisals process is trackable, visible, and accurate.

The dashboard view is tailored to an employee’s individual role in the company. In other words, while HR staff will see entire reports, managers and other staff see only the data and information that’s appropriate to their role.

Like the onboarding module, the performance appraisals solution can be customised and tailored for a company’s specific needs. Although it’s available with all iViis solutions, you don’t need to be an iViis customer; if you’re not using one of our other solutions, the performance appraisals module can still be set up for your business without them.

This technology eliminates the manual, time-consuming, paper-based approach to performance appraisals. It ensures greater accuracy, and it also removes the risk of forms being lost or information sent to the wrong person.

If you’d like to find out more about how iViis’s performance appraisals solution works and how it can be implemented in your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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