No backup strategy can be a bitter pill for your business to swallow

No backup strategy can be a bitter pill for your business to swallow

Like disaster recovery, making sure your business data is properly backed up is essential not only for business continuity, but for the survival of your business itself. As a business owner, you’ll be aware of the value of your business information – and what the cost would be to your business if it were lost.

Any number of circumstances could lead to the corruption of data. Systems errors, cyber attacks and mistakes made by power users are just some of the possibilities. If any of them occur, you want to be sure that your data is protected and can be restored. Making sure your business data is backed up means you can restore it to a previous point in time, if something goes wrong. For example, if your data was the victim of a cyber-attack on Tuesday, you can restore it from the Monday backup.

A real-life example of the implications of not having a proper backup system occurred in 2015 to a pharmaceutical company in Boston. Since they were part of the health industry, they had to comply with heavy regulations – all part of their business data. When an HR folder was moved within their cloud storage and didn’t sync properly, all their files disappeared – including some that weren’t even owned by the user moving the folder. The employee checked the trash bin, recycle bin, and desktop for a copy – but the data was gone. And the consequences the business faced around compliance in the pharmaceutical industry were severe.

Having operated through the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, and worked with many businesses involved with the aftermath, iViis is uniquely aware of the critical need for effective backup strategies. To maximise the safety, integrity and availability of your iViis cloud applications and their data, iViis operates an enterprise-grade backup service, provided automatically as part of the iViis service, and at no extra cost.

iViis’ backup service provides full nightly backups of your system and data, as well as the ability to restore to an earlier point in time, or inspect the data that was present then. Copies are kept for up to 60 days, which is almost double the industry standard.

The backup service also includes:

  • Databases, file-based data (e.g. PDF’s), as well as application files and settings
  • At-rest encryption, if it’s included in the primary database
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Restore tests done periodically by the iViis operations team
  • Backup status, which is available in your iViis application (under Options/Settings/Backups)
  • Backup status constantly monitored by the iViis operations team

Our previous blog on disaster recovery emphasised the point that disasters do happen, and you want to be ready for them when they do. The same principle applies to backing up your business data; there are a number of reasons it could become corrupted or lost. If that happens, you need to be prepared. And we’ve got it covered.

If you’d like to learn more about the backup feature that’s automatically included with your ViisConnect subscription, get in touch.

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