The Privileges of Position

The Privileges of Position

We all know that with position comes the attainment of a varying array of privileges that can, in most cases, uniquely identify the person holding that position.  This applies in society, at work or within your sporting team.

Using positions as the foundational building block your HR system is the most efficient and flexible way to extract the greatest value from your HR systems investment.  All good HR systems allow you to identify a position using a range of standard attributes: Full time, part time, location, cost centre, reports to position, and so on.  These attributes are generally standard across organisations and while helpful for the HR and Payroll teams they are of limited value to the rest of the organisation.

The proliferation of systems essential for performing your job these days seems to be limitless.  All of the systems are secured and have their own series of functionality attributes and access restrictions, all determined by the position.  As the occupant of the position you inherit these attributes to perform the role.  And many of us have experienced the frustrating wait to be given access to the key systems and correct functionality within those systems when moving into a new job.

And there is a flip side to this issue – how many of us have retained access to systems or levels of approval within systems that are no longer required when you have moved to another position within your organisation.

Both of these situations could be easily overcome by expanding the number of position attributes to fully map the privileges, training programs, licensing requirements, physical security access restrictions associated with every position in your organisation and make that data available to each of the non HR systems that control that functionality.

Any good HR system will permit you to customise the position table to allow for the addition of such attributes, however this comes with the usual upgrade overhead.  And there are, on occasions, table space restrictions that will be encountered if you would like to fully map all the attributes associated with positions.

For all these reasons it makes sense to consider how easily attainable it is to extend the value of your HR investment by doing all these things on a flexible, web enabled secure platform solution. This, and an extensive range of functionality is now available to you in our viisPeople human resources solution.

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