There’s an app for that

There’s an app for that

Mobility is transforming enterprise computing, as organisations realise that people’s work habits are shifting and want to harness mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks.

At iViis we are seeing this throughout our client base, especially in the insurance sector.

While the app market is largely consumer focused, it does give some insight into the pervasiveness of mobile technology. The Google Play store as at August 2017 had over 3.4 million apps available, and was growing at 3400 new apps per day. In the Apple world, their App Store has over 2 million apps on show, with over 1500 being added daily.

There is literally an app for everything, in every walk of life. For example CatPaint, to add cat images to your photos; the K Blocker which blocks any reference to Kardashian in your mobile web browser; or Sausage Legend, a fighting game where you use sausages (virtually) to battle.

Fortunately in the business world, apps are more practical.

In a sector like insurance where iViis does a lot of work, mobile solutions are being applied to enable more efficient claims processing, improve customer service and allowing sales to become more automated.

The challenge for large, structured enterprises with highly embedded legacy systems is connecting this with the world of mobility. At iViis we enable them to extend legacy systems to the cloud, and increasingly there is demand for mobile access.

We’ve responded with the iViis Mobile app. It allows you to deploy key business functions of an iViis cloud application on your users’ phones and tablets. This can result in significant improvements in user connectedness and the timeliness and quality of interactions with your iViis cloud application.

Deploying the app is incredibly quick and simple; simply create one or more forms in your iViis cloud application in the same way you would any other form, target the form to the mobile platform, and your mobile app is ready to use.

All the core features of your iViis application (e.g. login details, form and data access rules, data validation, and many others) are inherited automatically from your iViis application; nothing further is required.

Here are some examples of how you can use the iViis Mobile App.

  • Apply for leave
  • Approve leave
  • Barcode and QR code scanning
  • Check leave balances
  • Take site or asset photos
  • Site or branch safety audits
  • Update project status
  • Show emergency contacts (off-line)
  • Show emergency procedures (off-line)
  • Update my location

Getting started. Simply download and install the iViis Mobile app from the Apple or Google app stores. Using your desktop browser create a mobile-targeted form (using the mobile form templates provided), and grant access to it to your users. Log into the mobile app using your regular username and password. You’re done.

Fully connected. Your mobile app is fully connected to your iViis cloud application meaning forms and data are continually synchronised and up to date.

Security. All the security settings configured in your iViis cloud application are adhered to by the mobile app. For additional security, you can require your users to get an authorisation code from your iViis cloud application. You can set the number of mobile devices per user to be limited. You can allow your users to set up a device pin which can be used as a quick means of logging in.

Using your phones hardware magic. Your mobile form can make use of all phone hardware features including GPS, camera, accelerometer, fingerprint reader etc. For example, the GPS might be used to automatically select the branch or site the user is approaching.

Push notifications. Your iViis application can generate the native push notifications that your phone uses (the ones that appear on your lock screen).

Off-line capability. Forms can be configured to be used off-line, with data stored on your local device and then sycnhronised with the iViis cloud application the next time you are on-line.

Branding. Your mobile app appears in the app stores and on your phone app icons as the ‘iViis Mobile’ app. However, once you log in the first time all in-app look and feel can be configured to match your corporate styling. To brand the app store version and phone app icons with your corporate identity requires some additional steps wherein you submit the app under your corporate identity.

Would you like a demo of the iViis mobile app? Click here to schedule arrange a meeting with one of the iViis team.

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