viisFacility and viisiSafe have got you covered for contractor compliance

viisFacility and viisiSafe have got you covered for contractor compliance

Anyone who manages multiple buildings and properties – rest homes, residential housing, shopping malls – knows what a headache Health & Safety compliance can be. This is especially true when subcontractors and suppliers need to come on to the site. There’s a variety of rules and regulations that need to be adhered to in order to comply with health and safety regulations – relevant certifications, licenses, qualifications etc. In order to streamline the process required to make sure everything’s above board, iViis have developed a solution that can be integrated into our viisFacility and viisiSafe systems that allows businesses who deal with property management and maintenance to check all relevant details in one place.

If, while a contractor is on one of your sites, something gets missed, or mistakes are made, or even if someone is injured, the ramifications can be severe if it turns out they weren’t qualified to be there in the first place. Making sure they meet all the Health & Safety compliance requirements is what this feature does – and it takes the hassle out of doing it, too.

The contractor compliance system means you have the ability to check beforehand whether the contractors you’re planning to use meet all the necessary requirements. It’s a single log-in screen where all the relevant information is then filled out by the contractor, including the area they operate in, their staff qualifications, what their licenses and certifications are, and what qualifications they possess. The information is then sent to you, where you can review it and then accept that contractor based on the information they’ve provided.

Because you now have all the information, you can see at a glance next time you decide to use them, what their status is. This includes any expirations that may have occurred on their licensing or certifications. Both you and the contractor are sent automatic notifications when something is about to expire.

Although the contractor compliance pre-qualification feature typically comes with viisFacility and viisiSafe, it can be integrated into other project management or maintenance systems.

Contractor compliance is a fundamental aspect of the Health & Safety laws. It has to be done – there’s no getting around it. So, we’ve developed this solution to streamline the process and ensure total accuracy, to make sure that you’re meeting all workplace health and safety compliance requirements. Contact us to find out how we can help take the stress and hassle out of contractor compliance.

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