Managing branch related information held in multiple applications and systems is a time consuming task and can result in missed opportunities to improve business performance. viisFacility™ interfaces with your existing systems to provide a single view of all branch related information and activities in a web-enabled application.

Unlike other property management focused products, viisFacility™ not only focuses on the lease and legal details but extends branch management and reporting into all parts of the business. viisFacility™ manages rental & lease agreements, contacts, purchase orders, documents, photos, Human Resources, sales, inventory, Health & Safety, procurement, assets and more at branch level. Workflows eliminate risk while reporting at branch, region and national level allows for accurate comparisons to be done and identifies best practices.

  • Is information relating to branches currently held in multiple applications and locations?
  • Do you use spreadsheets to collate information related to branches?
  • Can you measure and compare branch performance easily?
  • Do you need to report at branch, regional and/or national level?

Manage all branch related activities effectively, reducing risk and increasing profitability

Here are the critical modules for the iViis viisFacility™ Facilities Management Solution

Service Management

Manages all services such as telecom, network, gas and electricity. Identifies who is responsible for each and how to contact them. Simple purchase orders can be raised against a supplier for any service requirement.

Health and Safety

Manage and record activities such as emails, tool box talks, meeting notes, hazards, incidents, audits, safety talks and documentation related to branch safety.

Human Resources

Provides management with all details on all employees. Employees can view their details and request leave. Reports such as employee numbers, total cost of employment, leave balance, sales by FTE, EBIT by FTE, and margins by FTE will be available if the Sale module has also been implemented.


Report on sales trends by any combination of time, mix by customer type, mix by product mix, top 10 customers, top 10 target customers, margin by customer type, margin by product mix etc. Report on sales parameters by FTE, branch footprint, H&S incidents and occupancy costs to name a few. Compare sales related branch performance easily.


Asset management ranging from a simple list to a full depreciation schedule that produces GL postings for importing into the financial system. Documents and photos can be attached to the asset.


Manages all branch related purchasing and requisitioning. Interfaces with existing ERP systems and provides supplier details, purchasing approval workflow, RFQ functionality & workflow.


Manage projects (or jobs) for both property and tenancy projects. Project types include Capex, Planned Maintenance, Ad Hoc etc. Reports include Gantt charts and performance time lines. Purchase and Works orders can be raised plus all documents, photos, activities and communication can be recorded against projects.


Report against inventory levels and transaction activity, e.g. average value trended over current year. When used in conjunction with the Sales module, customer stock, sales and activity can also be reported on.


Simple CRM functionality to manage the sales pipeline. Leads, companies, opportunities, activities, communication and documents can all be managed.

Key Features and Benefits

All iViis Enterprise Applications are built on the same powerful suite of features designed with critical business processes in mind.


We work with you as a team to ensure fit for purpose outcomes

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you wish at no extra cost


Display rich data content through user centric dashboards

Advanced Reporting

Identify and understand trends using a simple reporting interface

Web enabled Apps

Create and build enterprise apps in record time to control and manage your business


No code required! Agile and configured to your needs

Unlimited Usage

No annoying data & storage limits or rules

Data Forms

Interact with data through rich dynamic forms that are always in sync

Document Management

Store, manage and retrieve your documents in one place


Enterprise level security and reliability in the private or public cloud

Release Management

Robust test, release & support management processes

Flexible Pricing

Select a fixed or variable monthly pricing model that suits you


Stay on top of workflows and data with a choice of dynamic notifications

Workflow Management

Create complex workflows that reflect your business processes and operations

In the Cloud

Your data available on demand, up-to-date and fully backed up

The iViis team understand complex businesses, disparate systems and the value of accurate and timely critical information.
iViis has 10 years experience helping people in organisations like yours sleep easy at night.

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