As a Director or Senior Manager, you may feel your existing systems will meet the requirements of the proposed new Health and Safety Reform Bill. Maybe you “don’t know what you don’t know!” We can share our experiences in Australia helping companies with their compliance.  A 30 minute discussion comparing what you have with what is available could be quite revealing.

  • Do you have up-todate H&S information in one place?
  • Is it easily accessible and reviewable by workers and officers?
  • Do managers have the tools to pro-actively improve safety?
  • Do you rely on spreadsheets to collate data from different sources?

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The viisiSafe system offers a simple and effective approach to safety management that is efficient, cost-effective, and reliable and provides timely visibility and control necessary to meet our legal obligations. The solution implementation was seamless and the iViis staff were easy to do business with. We now have early warning systems in place and are fully compliant, thanks to iViis.

Ian McBean, Corporate Services Manager, NSW Sugar, Australia

Enabling Compliance,  Improving Performance, Managing Risk

Here are the critical modules of the viisSafe Health & Safety Compliance System

Personnel Management

Ensure your personnel are competent and trained to undertake the work they are allocated, and more importantly, highlight if personnel are not competent.

Plant Management

Ensure your plant is correctly authorised and operators are competent to undertake the work they are allocated and more importantly highlight if the plant or operators are not compliant.

Return to Work

Manage the rehabilitation process for your injured personnel including medical certificates, case managers and rehabilitation tasks. Get them back to work quicker.

Health & Safety Documents

Ensure all your current versions of policies, procedures, emergency plans, work instructions and safety documents are available to everyone.

Incident Management

Business process for incident reporting, investigation and analysis of Incidents and Injuries. Tracks status of and accountability for Incidents and any corrective actions resulting from the Incident.

Contractor Management

Provide visibility over all your contractors’ compliance with respect to insurance, certifications, licenses, personnel and plant.

Inspection Management

Report and action all your hazards. Forward schedule your inspections and allocate to responsible people. Record observations made during your walk around.

Hazard Management

Hazard & control registers allow you to manage all your known hazards and their control measures. Manage all your controls for the management of hazards (Safe Work Method Statements, MSDS, Permits). Complete risk assessments using your risk matrix.

Audit Management

Simplify the audit process. Audits are planned and scheduled, questions developed and responses recorded. Standard audit questions can be copied to fast track the audit development process. Audit worksheets automatically produced. Automatic analysis of audit response.

Work Management

Integrate your safety management system into your work management. viisiSafe provides an integrated business solution. Implement your own Work Management system we cater for all types of work – project, service, maintenance, contracting, production and job shop.

Let our viisiSafe team provide assurance that Health & Safety processes used by you and your contractors are working. Leveraging off your existing systems, we can capture, manage and report on all H&S activity and transactions. This means safer workplaces and improved compliance for all staff.

Key Features and Benefits

All iViis Enterprise Applications are built on the same powerful suite of features designed with critical business processes in mind.


We work with you as a team to ensure fit for purpose outcomes


Display rich data content through user centric dashboards

Advanced Reporting

Identify and understand trends using a simple reporting interface

Web enabled Apps

Create and build enterprise apps in record time to control and manage your business


No code required! Agile and configured to your needs

Data Forms

Interact with data through rich dynamic forms that are always in sync

Document Management

Store, manage and retrieve your documents in one place


Enterprise level security and reliability in the private or public cloud

Release Management

Robust test, release & support management processes


Stay on top of workflows and data with a choice of dynamic notifications

Workflow Management

Create complex workflows that reflect your business processes and operations

In the Cloud

Your data available on demand, up-to-date and fully backed up

The iViis team understand complex businesses, disparate systems and the value of accurate and timely critical information.
iViis has 10 years experience helping people in organisations like yours sleep easy at night.

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