Analytics Dashboard

With all your people data in one place, irrespective of the source, your dashboard of measures can visually reveal trends, offer insights, develop predictions and answer what-if questions.


One current data management platform

All of your analytics are calculated from the most current available data, stored in the one viisPeople platform.

Easily Configurable User Experience

The dashboard can be configured to your user experience requirements – you see the data represented in the way you require. Summary comparisons to other teams, divisions or regions are also available.

Secure data views

See only the data your security permissions will allow. Managers will only have access to the underlying data for those people reporting up to them. A HR business partner can be restricted to viewing only the areas they support.

Quick-win template measures pre-packaged

Once the last of your disparate data sources is loaded into viisPeople the quick win template measures are available for review.

Key terms and calculations explained

Hover you mouse over the measurement title and an explanatory definition will appear. Hover your mouse over measurement and the calculation methodology will appear.

Push or Pull circulation

Links to the dashboard can be sent to managers at a frequency of your choosing and they can independently access their dashboard at any time.

Incorporate you own strategic measures

Add your unique strategic measures to the dashboard at any time. Your dashboard can be a mix of historical, what-if and predictive measures.

Built in verification

Confirm the veracity of your measures with the capability to click through to the underlying data.

Choose your preferred data export format

Want to model the data – export the data to Excel; Want to collaborate with a colleague on a new initiative – export directly to a new email with your contribution as PDF attachment; or, print directly from viisPeople.

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