Equity Reward Management

Securely record, update and cost equity benefits granted to scheme participants and accurately calculate their total remuneration packages. Accurate records will be maintained when grants are made, forfeited, vested, exercised and lapsed. Provide different secure views of the same data for your HR, Finance and Company Secretary teams.


Create and update share schemes

Individual and unique share schemes lie at the heart of this module. Each scheme’s attributes are stored in the one secure location allowing you to maintain a complete corporate history of all schemes. Highly flexible scheme design and construction rules permit you to react quickly to legislative changes or manage your remuneration team’s scheme adjustments.

Event notification

Equity reward schemes have many events requiring participant notification – vesting, forfeiture, tranche payments and the like. Keep on top of all these notifications and produce timely communications directly from the module.

Process Leavers

Process exiting scheme participants as soon as a resignation record is added to viisPeople from one of your underlying feeder systems. With one easy notification employees can transition shares, finalise any outstanding scheme commitments and have a full accounting of their entitlements. Corporate records are updated to accurately reflect the change in holdings.

Create full financial records for upload to your finance system

Create all necessary GL entries, split the entries across multiple cost centres and track amortisation entries. viisPeople can amalgamate entries over any given period and prepare a finance system compatible file for your finance team to upload.

Equity Reward Vesting Statements

The preconfigured secure template statement lists an employee’s participation in every scheme in which they are a member. And you have the flexibility to create your own statement formats. Assist your employee’s to track and meet all their equity holding external reporting obligations by allowing them to produce a statement at a time of their choosing from their datastore within viisPeople.

Secure data views

Highly sensitive equity reward data must be secured in such a way that it is impossible for those without the correct permissions to see the data. The viisPeople community approach to security lets you assign different views of the data to different groups. HR teams will be able to predict which employees may be flight risks, Finance teams will have access to cost centre but not employee level data and the company secretariat will have access to only the data required to meet the organisation’s statutory reporting requirements.

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