The impromptu insight generator

The organisational grapevine will quickly become aware that you can easily report directly out of viisPeople and provide insightful answers to all manner of random people-related questions. This module gives you a space to bring the required data together and present it back to your inquisitors in a range of formats.


Insights not previously possible

Make links between previously disparate data now held in one place for the first time. These cross system links have the potential to reveal previously hidden insights into your organisation’s operations. Impact strategic decision making with this module.

Your own reporting space with a click and drag experience

With access to the full data schema you can quickly select the data elements required, without needing to write the underlying code, and present the results in tabular or as visual representations in a variety of file formats. Easily transition a one-off report to a standard report available to all users.

Build repeatable data feeds to external or other organisational systems

Harness the power of having your people data in one place to make an impact across the organisation. For instance your CEO needs to communicate to the whole organisation or perhaps one particular division or region. Quickly prepare an up-to-date email distribution list with preferred name and email address so everyone receives a personalised communication that carries impact.

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