My Personal Profile – It’s all about me

Add our personal profile icon to your organisation’s intranet page to provide everyone access to their own data, a way to easily update or report it and show them some key comparators to their team members, division and company.


Direct access to your key personal data

Your organisation is full of app-savy users who download and test out new apps all the time. Here is a place where they can quickly update key personal profile information in a familiar way to maintaining an app profile.

Device agnostic

The data is stored on a secure platform with web access, available in mobile and PC based formats. You have the freedom to update or report on your data wherever and whenever you choose.

Only change it once

Who has the time to update data in multiple systems? When a personal data change is made on the platform it can be directed/workflowed to all the underlying systems to ensure that the data is consistent across the organisation.

Put your people in the picture

We love to benchmark ourselves to others. Add some visual representations to the profile page to show the individual compared to others in their team, division or organisation for things like leave balances or length of service or any of the other data elements available.

You control the data integrity

Some personal data requires validation – create the data validation workflow processes you require and maintain the highest level of data integrity.

Risk mitigation reminders

Have viisPeople send reminders to review and update emergency notification details and other critical emergency contact information. The changes can be made right in the email and sent straight back or via a link directly to the data.

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