Recruitment, On-boarding and Contract Tracking

Have your people’s data accurate at source and eliminate double or more data entry. You can build a solid and consistent data foundation for all the people in your organisation. Build greater organisational commitment and higher recruit job satisfaction by having everything ready for them on day 1 – it makes an enduring positive impression.


Capture data at the source

Applicant entered data is captured during the recruitment process, avoiding common spelling and name formatting mistakes, critical dates are correct and key personal profile information is created with a solid foundation.

Populates data in disparate systems

New starter information can be fed back to all underlying source systems, in a variety of upload formats, ensuring consistent data across all internal systems.

Streamlines contract preparation, approval and storage

Prepare all applicant communications and employment contracts within the module. Workflow those documents requiring internal approval before sending to applicants. Automatically store all applicant communications within viisPeople for later retrieval.

Manages and tracks fulfillment

Establish and track company property acquisition requests for the new recruit to ensure that all the necessary tools of trade will be ready and waiting.

Keeps new recruit stakeholders in the loop

Communicate progress and developments to multiple stakeholders ensuring all the necessary approvals and systems access are available prior to commencement.

Automates promotion and transfer data

The contract tracking functionality built into the module can be applied to internal movements where updated contracts are required. Prepare template contracts, workflow for manager approval and then send to the team member. Email acceptance can trigger the creation of new effective dated data rows that builds an upload file to update your underlying systems.

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