Major events are sudden and cause immediate disruption. Organisations are thrust into a myriad of communication challenges as hundreds of people, organisations and systems struggle to process claims and resolve individual dramatic situations while trying to following policies and meet compliance obligations.

The iViis Major Event Insurance Management solution addresses these challenges by quickly deploying a layer of processes and communication on top of existing individual business systems. Access to shared data, process status, reports, and alerts is made available through all popular channels. Built specifically to address these challenge for the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake and subsequent rebuild, this solution can be deployed to ensure efficient collaboration is in place within weeks.

The number one benefit from applying the iViis Major Event Insurance Management system to Canterbury Recovery is the visibility and taking away the ambiguity or uncertainty so that everyone’s looking at the same information, everyone’s reporting the same numbers, and everyone can see the same details.

Rachel Niven, Systems Project Manager, Canterbury Recovery, IAG

When Disaster Strikes, You Need Proven Systems To Help You Recover

Here are the critical modules of the iViis Major Event Response System

Claims Administration

Integrate to any number of claims management systems. Bring your Brands together and understand the whole picture. Detangle the shared property dilemma.

Assessment Management

Turn the claims into actions. Find out the scope of works, costs and financial extent of the claims.

Resource/Project Management

Manage all of the resources required to complete the work, identify bottlenecks, manage the risks.

Design/Contract Management

Ensure all work is to code. Bring together all of the disparate design element whether vertical, horizontal or structural.

Construction & Financial Management

Manage the actual costs for the remediation or replacement. Manage variations and overruns. Provide detailed reporting by all parameters.

Health & Safety

Easily manage the Health and Safety obligations and minimise the impact on the customer, the business and all parties.

Global Reporting & Dashboards

Report across all claims, all jobs, all properties, and provide a single version of the truth.

Key Features and Benefits

All iViis Enterprise Applications are built on the same powerful suite of features designed with critical business processes in mind.


We work with you as a team to ensure fit for purpose outcomes

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you wish at no extra cost


Display rich data content through user centric dashboards

Advanced Reporting

Identify and understand trends using a simple reporting interface

Web enabled Apps

Create and build enterprise apps in record time to control and manage your business


No code required! Agile and configured to your needs

Unlimited Usage

No annoying data & storage limits or rules

Data Forms

Interact with data through rich dynamic forms that are always in sync

Document Management

Store, manage and retrieve your documents in one place


Enterprise level security and reliability in the private or public cloud

Release Management

Robust test, release & support management processes

Flexible Pricing

Select a fixed or variable monthly pricing model that suits you


Stay on top of workflows and data with a choice of dynamic notifications

Workflow Management

Create complex workflows that reflect your business processes and operations

In the Cloud

Your data available on demand, up-to-date and fully backed up

The iViis team understand complex businesses, disparate systems and the value of accurate and timely critical information.
iViis has 10 years experience helping people in organisations like yours sleep easy at night.

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