Bright Sparks

A bright idea for promotional company

Faced with a geographically spread and mobile workforce and in desperate need of processes and information consolidation Bright Sparks turned to the iViis team for help. The iViis solution automated processes, simplified admin and most importantly ensured the sales team is out selling and not caught up in sales processing. Read more ↓

Sunshine Sugar

Leaner Process Tastes Sweet for NSWS

NSW Sugar was after a system to empower staff and reduce administrative overhead associated with their procurement process. iViis provided a web-based solution that interfaced with, and added value to, existing IT systems but had no need for non-technical staff to develop IT skills. Read more ↓

iViis Case Study

Building your responsive HR collaboration platform

Most of our HR clients have a common reporting problem – they experience the difficulty of producing organisational reports that gives a complete and accurate picture. Whether this is caused by an over complicated reporting function in their current HR system or because people information is held in separate systems, the frustrations and results end up being the same. Read more ↓

Kelly Down Consultants

Oil Explorers Improve Logistics Efficiency

The iViis solution works across remote work sites in challenging environments. It ensures a single and highly accessible source for critical documents and an accurate asset and project tracking system that provides management confidence. Read more ↓

iViis Case Study

Increasing visibility across this global manufacturer

iViis has been working with a $22.6 billion global manufacturing company, who are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, for many years. They provide power quality and management systems to the world, promising customers “the high 9s” in systems availability and the New Zealand branch aims to offer the same level of information availability to their customers. With 102,000 employees across 175 countries worldwide, they are a major player in the industry. Read more ↓

Sunshine Sugar

The Six Degrees of Safety Management Separation

Sunshine Sugar required a system that would operate over a large geographic area, integrate with existing information systems, systemise and standardise business processes, be adaptable to meet their own particular requirements and satisfy the obligations of the new harmonised work health and safety legislation. Read more ↓


Hellers improve forecasting capabilities with iViis

Christchurch based company Hellers are New Zealand’s leading small goods manufacturing company producing over 80 types of sausages, bacons and hams. With around 500 staff over two sites, Hellers is one of the region’s big employers. Read more ↓

Horncastle Homes

Building boost sparks need for process visibility

Horncastle Homes is a respected Canterbury- based construction company. The company has helped lead the response to the post- earthquakes residential rebuild in Canterbury, understanding better than many that a person’s home is their ‘castle’.
Read more ↓

iViis Case Study

Improving data quality in HR reporting with the help of iViis

iViis is currently working with the Australian arm of a global professional services company to leverage value from their Human Resource (HR) systems. The company has 5 offices in Australia and are one of the leaders in their industry, serving government agencies, corporates and financial institutions. The Australian entity employs 1300 staff. Read more ↓


Please feel free to access these thought-provoking and enlightening white papers. Further white papers will be added soon.

Increasing agility in significant loss events

Increasing agility in significant loss events

Information systems play a key role in ensuring insurance companies can respond quickly and effectively to significant loss events. iViis solves the issues around interoperability between multiple information systems and gives turnkey scalability.

Managing Massive Disruption

Managing Massive Disruption

In today’s fast paced business environment, businesses often implement IT systems that solve problems in one area and then move on to the next problem. While this strategy works in the short term, issues around interoperability between multiple systems and overall scalability soon surface.

Muster the best of breed

Muster the best of breed

Many organisations feel unable to serve changing business needs like better collaboration, internet enabled anywhere access and mobility with their legacy ERP systems.

Insightful HR

Insightful HR

A core challenge of providing actionable HR analysis is being able to access quality (accurate, timely, comprehensive) data from your HR information system, and sometimes smaller silos of HR data (e.g. health and safety registers or remuneration review tools), and provide the insights to busy executives in a useful way.

Teaching Old ERP New Tricks

Teaching An Old ERP New Tricks

Many organisations feel unable to serve changing business needs of better collaboration, internet enabled anywhere access and mobility with their legacy ERP systems. In this paper you will learn that there is a smart and cost-effective way out of this conundrum that keeps senior management and the IT team happy.


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iViis Company Profile

iViisTM solutions integrate disparate IT systems, automate manual systems and spreadsheets, and web-enable existing and legacy IT systems.

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All your people data on one easily accessible secure platform.

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Ensuring that all risks have been minimised to get you home safe.



Seamless integration of building
processes maximises efficiency, profitability and enhances client satisfaction



All branch related information in one easy to use application.



Evolving the most efficient method for high performance delivery of your goods and services.

viisConnect Mobile App

viisConnect Mobile App

The iViis Mobile app allows you to deploy key business functions of your iViis cloud application on your users’ phones and tablets.


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