Data Warehousing & BI Environments

Data warehouse and BI environments that connect disparate systems, standardise data and deliver a single version of the truth.
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viisConnect - Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Evolving the most efficient method for high performance delivery of your goods and services.
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Human Resource Management

Understand where your people are at to maximise their potential.
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Health & Safety Management

Ensuring that all risks have been minimised to get you home safe.
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Facility & Asset Management

All branch related information in one application.
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Building & Construction Management

Seamless integration of building processes for efficient workflow and maximum benefit.
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Major Event Insurance Management

Connecting vital systems and people to ensure smooth and rapid recovery from traumatic events.
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The iViis team understand complex businesses, disparate systems and the value of accurate and timely critical information.
iViis has 10 years experience helping people in organisations like yours sleep easy at night.

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