Customised reports and dashboards using the viisConnect query function

Customised reports and dashboards using the viisConnect query function

Generate smart business insights (reporting and dashboards) with your platform’s query functionality

Have you ever had a hunch about a productivity-enhancing business solution, but assembling the data to support it was almost impossible to gather quickly or easily?

viisConnect has powerful ad hoc query capabilities. It gives you real-time visibility to the data you have access to and can quickly and easily interrogate this data into insightful reports. These results can then be downloaded in an excel format.

You can also save your report within the query function of viisConnect and re-run it any time. Other users can be granted access to your report while you remain in the ‘driver’s seat’, determining if others can vary your report or just run it without being able to alter the underlying report fields.

Once you have tested your output, the viisConnect platform gives you the capability to transition your query into a standard report that can be run from the main reporting menu.

For regular, automated reporting, viisConnect gives you the ability to:

  • schedule the report at regular preset intervals
  • run the scheduled report and email notifications to recipients with the report beingaccessible by clicking on a hyperlink within the email
  • add corporate styling to pdf report output
  • include the report in your high-level dashboards.

The benefit of having easy access to your data facilitates smarter business decisions in a very agile manner.

If you would like to understand more about the many query capabilities available on your viisConnect platform please contact your iViis account manager.

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