How to get direct access to your iViis database

How to get direct access to your iViis database

Did you know you can get direct access to your iViis SQL Server database? This is the database in the cloud that underpins your iViis application. Direct access is used when you have a business intelligence* reporting tool or data warehouse that you want to connect directly to the data held in iViis.

There are two ways to do this, both of which use a secure VPN connection between you and iViis.

Individual access

If you have one or more individual users in your organisation who require direct database access, we can set each of these users up with the VPN client, and an individual login. Once they have logged on to the VPN using the VPN client they can then use their query, reporting or analysis tool of choice to connect to the database, with read-only access to all iViis data tables. Details of VPN connections are recorded and a log of successful and unsuccessful logins can be emailed to you weekly.

Server access

If you have a database server (e.g. for a data warehouse) which you want to connect to the iViis database to download data to your local database on a scheduled basis, then we can set up a permanent VPN between your database server(s) and ours. Your server can then access the iViis database at any time to download the data required, or to perform automated queries on the iViis database directly.

For more information on direct database access, please contact your iViis account manager.

* Footnote: Business Intelligence (BI) tools for advanced data analytics including SAS and Microsoft Power BI.

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